Vision & Mision

Accra City Campus was established in 2003 and inaugurated in February 2004 as a NON RESIDENTIAL EDUCATIONAL FACILITY out of the existing External Degree Division (of the Accra Workers College) which later became the External Degree Centre (EDC). Based on the document governing the inauguration of the City Campus, it was supposed to be managed by a team comprising of a Principal, a Vice Principal, a Senior Assistant Librarian, a Senior Assistant Registrar, an Accountant and an Assistant Librarian, who are all senior members of the University.

Accra City Campus became part of the College of Humanities when the college was established in 2014. Below is the vision and mission of the college of humanities;


To become a world class research intensive College of Humanities.


We will create an enabling environment that makes the college of Humanities increasingly relevant to national and global development through cutting edge research as well as high quality teaching and learning in Arts, Social Sciences, Business and Law.