Principal's Welcome Address


You are welcome to the Accra City Campus of the University of Ghana which is located at the heart of the National Capital, Accra. The University of Ghana Accra City Campus was established in 2003 to provide high quality undergraduate education for the youth. It replaced the defunct Accra Worker’s College, which had been in existence since 1963 and provided part-time access to university degrees.

The Accra City Campus contributes to the structural transformation of Ghana and Africa through enhancing the capacities of the human resources needed for the continents accelerated development. With a current Student population of 7,300, inclusive of both local and foreign students from the West African sub-region, we aim at providing excellent teaching and learning conditions to achieve the vision of the University of Ghana of becoming a world-class university by 2024.

We offer students high quality accessible education at the undergraduate level. Students can enroll into first degree programmes in Arts, Business Administration, and the Social Sciences. Our academic faculty from the main university campus are among the best in the country in both research and teaching.  A team of well-trained, highly dedicated, and friendly support staff ensure the smooth running of the campus to the satisfaction of our clients.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we are currently running a hybrid system of teaching using both face-face socially distanced, nose-masked sessions and online zoom lectures, complemented with several online resources including lecture videos, and other online presentations. Stringent measures using the state approved protocols have been put in place to ensure the safety of all visiting the campus.

We have improved facilities including a state-of-the-art library, reading rooms, video conferencing facilities, lecture halls fitted with audio-visual equipment, a clinic, 24/7 security, ICT laboratories with servers for ensuring good internet access and data storage, restaurants, and advisory services. Given the central location of the campus, our students have access to other public library facilities, ministries, multi-national organizations, and the business community. We have arrangements with a wide range of hostel facilities that provide convenient accommodation for our students and visitors.

We are here to serve you by making sure you have the best educational learning experience comparable to any other world-class university anywhere on earth. Apply for admission for your children and wards and we shall build their capacities for the future labour market.

We look forward to receiving applications from prospective students, and collaborations from institutions to provide the best educational experience for the African youth.

Thank you/ Merci Beaucoup

Professor Joseph Awetori Yaro